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Looking for the best way to spend your vacation? Fort Myers beach is the perfect destination for your summer beach vacation. It is located on Estero Island which is about few miles long. Though there are other well known beaches in Florida, Fort Myers beach has everything that you would need ranging from quite natural park reserves to lots of festivals bustling with activity.

Sea Reed Charters has gotten the best deals to make your outing a fun filled and memorable one. It is family owned and operated and hence have all their deals fully customized to suit all your individual and family needs. They have all the ideal deals to whether you are experienced or just a novice, you will get your best deal. They have different prices to choose. Package includes half day, full day and night shift and also the private fishing deals.



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The Fort Myers Experience


Fort Myers which is located in Southwest Florida is well known for its amazing fishing opportunities throughout the year. The beach has plentiful mangroves, endless grass flats and various back country waters which contain some of the best fishing flats in the world. Some of the fish found at Fort Myers include Snooks and Redfish which thrive in summer and spring month. Others include Cobia and Tripletail fish which thrive during winter. As the temperatures of the waters increase, anglers are treated to the rare opportunity of interacting with the legendary tarpon also known as ‘silver king.’

When looking for a place to have your next vacation look no further then Fort Myers Beach. The beach at Fort Myers is a popular destination for the whole family. From relaxing on the beaches to booking a fishing charter, Fort Myers Beach is the place for you. Fort Myers has so much to offer that everyone in the family will find exactly what they are looking for.

No trip to Fort Myers Beach would be the same without taking a boat out and enjoying the ocean breeze. While out on the ocean you might as well relax and do some fishing. There are many great charters that can make this a great experience.

Fort Myers Beach is located on a small barrier island that is about seven miles in total length. The beaches as simple gorgeous and are covered with its famous sugar-sand. It has many accommodations and things to see and do.

We have the professional captain and experienced personnel who are ready to offer you any help in case you need. They offer the most unique charters that will keep you enticed and entertained throughout your vacation. Their adventures are based on the famous Salty Sam’s Marina found in Fort Myers. Among the targeted fishes that you will catch include snapper, tuna mackerel, Barracuda, Triggerfish and Tripletail among many others. Book your fishing adventure today by confirming in their awesome charters. Sea Reed Charters is proud to be among fishing charters elites of the SW Florida. You will guarantee great time fishing and every moment counts with us.

Personally fishing is something the entire family can really enjoy. Aside from fantastic weather all years round Fort Myers offer so many things that others fishing paradises just don’t have.  Fort Myers beach is among the best angler’s choice outfitters beaches for leisure purposes because of its emerald beautiful waters with other exciting fun to do. It offers the best water sports which includes fishing charters with its defined guides and charters.

The beach also boasts of high class vacation rental homes, hotels, condominiums and resorts all for your comfort. Fort Meyers beach is the best fun place for families; it is easily accessible and has everything that your family would need for a beach vacation. Many families have made ‘go to the beach’ one of their priorities. Spend a week at the beach and be sure to experience the magical touch of nature.

Here are few special hotels in the areas you want to check out …

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Inshore – Offshore – What’s the difference …

Fishing is an exciting experience to enjoy with your family, friends, or relatives. There are two forms of fishing, inshore and offshore fishing, inshore fishing involves getting fish from shallow waters while offshore fishing is the use of large boats to fish in deep waters. Charter boats often vary in size and may reach up to 60 feet in length. Depending on the situation marina fishing charters ensures that all the captains are licensed and experienced before taking the anglers to deep water. Offshore fishing charters are available in marina at affordable rates, and it is available throughout the year.

Offshore fishing is where all your fishing skills will undergo rigorous tests, with December to May being the best months for the activity. It is important that you book your boat early to avoid inconveniences and crowding since most people enjoy fishing in the area. You can get combined charters and with the insurance of the captain, you are assured of the best services in town.

Fort Myers beach Marina fishing charters offer the perfect opportunity to provide a memorable family outing. Out with the same old trips to the zoos and game parks and come in fishing. Marina fishing charters give you the exclusivity of having a unique fun filled experience regardless of being a starter or an veteran catcher.

Do not forget to book Sea Reed Charters for your next Tarpon fishing charter fishing adventure. Tarpon fishing is not for the faint of heart. Give a gift of Fort Myers Tarpon Extreme fishing package from us for a fishing trip you won’t forget. The captain promises to show you a good time and catching the big Silver King is a promise.

Everglades Excursion


For a perfect time with family, you may consider an excursion into the Everglades. There are various private companies that will pick you up from the beach and take you for a tour of the Everglades and return you and your family to the beach safely. There are lots of other fun activities that you can indulge into in the beach among them being swamp buggy adventures, air boat rides and driving tours through various habitats along the beach.

Again fishing is among the most loved activity in this beach. People from various parts visit this great site to take part in fishing charter sports. Other sports events include pirates, sunset cruises and boat rentals. Get the best opportunity to enjoy your leisure time with Para-sailing, kite boarding or skateboarding.
Birding at nature enhances preservation; state parks are not far away. You can get the best trip tour a bicycle, a scooter or through a seaway. Fort Myers beach is well known for holding night life. This event attracts musicians from all parts of the world thus making it more enjoyable. No matter how experienced you are, there is always the best tourist destination for you.

Fort Myers Restaurants

Fort Myers is also a thriving restaurant scene that aims to make your vocations and trips memorable and enjoyable. Downtown Fort Myers, surrounding islands and beaches serve up most of the European dish in southwest Florida. Blue window bistro offers elegant French on the table while cibo glees that palate with its Italian offering and Austrian-Germany restaurants serves up schnitzel.

Fort Myers hosts a range of ethnic cuisines, for the adventurous eaters. Whether the exotic tastes of South America or the flavors of Asian cuisines, there is a place for you. You will conveniently find Japanese, Mexican, Chinese cuisines, as well as Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Caribbean, Peruvian offerings.

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Fort Myers beach offers a wide range of fun activates for your vocation, fish tale marina tour and chartered company will offer great fishing experience for you while you tour the beautiful each and enjoy the varied services, from big resort spas to more quaint to casual places offering fort Myers best services.

Snooks Fishing extreme


While we are talking about all type of fishing activities let’s not forget about Snooks fishing. Big Snook’s fishing is a sport that is catching on very fast and that people are enjoying. It is a sport for the whole family and that fosters a tight union among the family members. If you are looking for a family outing that is fun filled when you are out in Fort Myers Beach, then you will be pleased to know that we offer a variety of private as well as group charters on a wide variety of fishing vessels.

We place at your disposal captains that we hand pick. They are very experienced and come from a line of local fishermen who know the water like they know the back of their hands. With them, you are assured to get some action. The fishing charters that we have available include half day and full day offshore and inshore a well as night charters. If you are looking to enjoy big Snook fishing, then inshore fishing would be best.

Buddy’s Snookzilla What in The Name?

Well thus the term Buddy’s snookzilla comes into mind and it is about fishing, there are videos all over the internet and especially at their website teaching people about the right fishing tips, the right way to fish. Many people find the website useful in that they are able to learn more a the fishing business. To all those out there who want to learn more about fishing as a hobby or as a business to cater for their livelihood, then this is the website to visit as one will not only know how to fish but also everything there is to know about fishing. The also teach about the best fishing vessels to use. One of the greatest thing about the website is that they use videos that are very clear which means that one is able to follow all that is going on. The videos are made in a friendly manner and anyone can understand what is going on. To learn all about fishing, then you may want to consider visiting this website.

A standout among the most prominent sorts of fish for fishers in the Everglades is the snook. This is on the grounds that snooks are wily fish that can be exceptionally persnickety about what lure that they are going to bite on. The best time of year to fish for snooks is amid the spring months.

These three snooks fishing tips are going to help you:

  1. Mangrove Trees – Snooks totally cherish the shaded zones that are offered by the mangrove tree. As opposed to throwing specifically at the gaps gave by the mangrove tree roots, use a skipping of the draw or bait strategy with the goal that the roots don’t get a chance at the bait.
  2. The skipping strategy allows the snooks to get a glance at the draw or lure and they are going to come up and strike at it.
  3. Keep the baits far from the genuine roots that have spikes on them that attach firmly to draws and snares by just hitting the highest point of the water with the bait. This method can take some more patience. However, it is going to be less baffling than having to tie on another bait or handle each time a cast is made and the draw is taken by the mangrove roots.

Snook fishing – buddy’s fishing will never fail you if you stick to the above tips. I wish you all the best.

Fishing Guides and Charters for all

How would you like to go basking on the sun-heated, sandy beaches of the Fort Myers? A fishing expedition just off the beach is also in order. You have the vacation, you have the money and all you need is a place to go hung in the sun. The Ultimate Island Guide is the leader when it comes to finding the finest islands on this planet.

A fishing expedition is a dream for all anglers in the world. The cost of hiring fishing guides and charters may be prohibitive for many. However, reputable fishing charter companies have set the standards in the industry all over the world.

Fishing guides and charters have all the information regarding the waters. They know the time or sort of fishes can migrate, and can assist you to get the most of your fishing trip.

If you want a fishing guide check their references to confirm you got the most effective fishing guide. You can also check the qualifications of their crew for a safe fishing expedition. Their experience in the waters is also vital.

Having a fishing guide with you on your fishing journeys can very be worthy and you will fully enjoy your fishing trip. Even if you have never cast a line out in your life, these guides will show you how to do it step by step.

Sea Reed Charters has different packages to choose from.  You can have family package, wildlife tours or weekend extreme package.  Captain Clarence Reed loves nothing more than to show you a good time. Take your entire family with you and allow the captain to take you by the hands and showing you how to fish the right way.

Fort Myers Beach Fishing Charters


If you’re looking for great fishing in Fort Myers, then you are required to select one among the various fishing charters available. Here is the list of various options available at Fort Myers:

Tarpon Fishing Charter:
I would say that hooking this fish will be the thrill of your lifetime. The thrill will be boosted when you combine some incredible jumps with a bone for getting the fish that is popular for jumping off.

Redfish Charter:
This is one of the most popular fishes of Fort Myers when fishing with some local guides. If you combine some powerful runs, it could be a win-win situation.

Shark Fishing Charter:

Sharks, which are the great game fishes, are plenty in Fort Myers beach. You will have fun catching sharks and will be surprised to see them fight like crazy.

Trout Fishing Charter:

Although, these fishes are not the member of trout family, the spots make them look like trout. Trout fishing will be active all the year round in Fort Myers.
In addition to the above mentioned most popular fishing charters, there are many other charters available in Fort Myers catering to the preferences of the visitors.

Fish Tale Marina Fishing

Some of the services offered are; charters and tours offers the best fishing guides, having been in the fishing industry for a very long time, and this will ensure your vocation and trips are memorable and enjoyable whenever you visit fort Myers each. The company is committed to elegance, Quality and the services remains solid always, we are proud to be among the best companies offering the best fishing experience in fort Myers beach.

  1. Boat storage.
  2. Ship’s Store.
  3. Fishing Report.
  4. New and Used Boat Sales.
  5. Fish House Restaurant.

If you are looking for a place to go for your vocation this holiday, Fort Myers beach is an amazing paradise , come and have an enjoyable experience on our dolphin, boat rentals and sunset boat tours, sightseeing and fishing charters in east bay, Fort Myers beach.

In addition fish tale marina is forefront in protecting marine resources and promoting environment stewardship, and is the first marina in Fort Myers beach to earn the title of clean marina.

There are various fishing charters on this beach which provide fulfilling fishing experiences. The charters which have experienced captains provide area instructions, area information, wildlife sightseeing experiences, shell hunting and boating adventures as well as quality bait and tackle for expert anglers and beginners.

For anyone looking for an unforgettable fishing adventure, Fort Myers beach fishing would provide the best experience.

Fort Myers fishing offers a wide variety in catch and it also gives people a chance to experience the beauty of nature at its best. It has a steadily built reputation with anglers and plain tourists for the memorable experiences that are created. It is a good family-friendly place and Fort Myers fishing is also an experience that should be shared with family and friends as it promotes bonding and learning.

Deep Sea Fishing

There are many fishing charters provided by various experienced individuals and groups all at a cost. They are affordable and worth it since many come with extra offers such as picnics, lunches and dinners. There are always immense offers and discounts to enjoy and they are also accommodation for larger groups.
If deep fishing is something you want to do as off shore fishing you may want to google “deep sea fishing fort myers”.

No matter what time of the year you make visit to Fort Myers fl the fishing is phenomenal as the temperate waters welcome large fish during spring and grouper while all year round catches include redfish and snapper. In the warmer months, people who fancy fishing near jetties and near piers can enjoy early morning before the water gets some heat. In the day, you can enjoy channels during the incoming tides.

The offshore experience at the picturesque of pine island, Captiva and Sanibel, it is the best experienced whether you are a novice angler or experienced.

From the Sanibel causeways bridges to Boca Grande pass visitors can enjoy fishing in the shallow and warm mangrove. Some fish that can be obtained in the area include tarpon, mackerel, snapper, black drum, and snook among others. You can get private fishing trips at the secluded beaches along the barrier islands, thereafter enjoy lunch at the beach restaurants.

Others Outdoor Sports Events

Fort Myers beach pier is among the most recognized beaches for leisure purposes because of its emerald beautiful waters with other exciting fun to do. It offers the best water sports which includes fishing charters. Fishing is among the most loved activity in this beach. People from various parts visit this great site to take part in fishing charter sports. Other sports events include pirates, sunset cruises and boat rentals.

Here are some places you can rent bikes …

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Sunset Cruises Simple Pleasures

Fort Myers beach is among the most recognized beaches for leisure purposes because of its emerald beautiful waters with other exciting fun to do. It offers the best water sports which includes fishing charters with its defined guides and charters. Fishing is among the most loved activity in this beach. People from various parts visit this great site to take part in fishing charter sports.

Other sports events include pirates, sunset cruises and boat rentals. Get the best opportunity to enjoy your leisure time with Para-sailing, kite boarding or skateboarding. Birding at nature enhances preservation; state parks are not far away. You can get the best trip tour a bicycle, a scooter or through a seaway. Fort Myers beach is well known for holding night life. This event attracts musicians from all parts of the world thus making it more enjoyable. No matter how experienced you are, there is always the best tourist destination for you.

Here are few sunset cruises you want to check out …

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You get to enjoy the calming sea sensation, sound waters and sea life without actually getting wet. The vessels have fully trained and experienced personnel who offer assistance that is well complemented with the quality fishing gear improving the chances of catching a fish.

The marina fishing charters offer different touring times with the option of having a half day, full day or overnight fishing times with even private settings. If not there for the fishing, the enjoyment of seeing the sea full of life and enjoying the eco tour where you get to see various birds like the pelicans, heron’s egrets in abundance. If timing is right, you get to see dolphins in the crystal blue water, giving you a splendid memorable occasion.

Sea Reed Charters The Ultimate Island Guide


The Fort Myers beach is one of these highly recommended islands. At the Sea Reed Charters which is most often called the “Ultimate Island Guide” not only will you be able to get contact information for various places on the islands but you will also be able to plan for that spectacular expedition easily. If Fort Myers does not tickle your fancy perhaps the Bahamas, Hawaii or probably the Caribbean will do so for you. At this site you will be able to plan your getaway to some island somewhere. Relax, sleep all day if you wish, laze on the beach because you deserve.

The Ultimate Island Guide makes sure that your island-getaway is well planned and takes off without a hitch. You want to visit Fort Myers? Well, visit this site and you will be able to organize for everything including restaurants and hotels, Fort Myers beach fishing charters and so much more.

Sometimes, people land on islands where they do not have the slightest idea of what to do, where to find accommodation and like-minded people. An island trip is always great if you find the perfect place to stop and do what you like most. Being in a group of people who you can have an adventure together brightens one’s island trip making every second count. When visiting Myers Island, the ultimate island guide will be your best partner when planning for what to do and where to go.

Even fishing requires planning. There are strategic points where fish are found and specified time when you can get a big catch. The guide is also helpful for those who want to know the different Myers beaches and the activities done.

When touring Fort Myers, one also needs to know where to have meals, accommodation and get business deals, which are taken care of by the ultimate guide. To get the best of the best when visiting Myers, this guide is very crucial for all types of travelers.

Make your next vacation destination Fort Myers Beach and call to book your one of a kind Fort Myers Fishing Charter from Sea Reed Charters and see why year after year people are flocking to Fort Myers and call our captain to book a fishing trip the whole family will never forget.

Memories are made everyday boarding the Sea Reed Charters – Call us now -


Thank you for reading,

Captain Clarence Reed

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